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Adrian Del Rio


Originally from California, I grew up in real estate. My family immigrated to the USA which is entrepreneurial in and of itself. My parents worked several jobs at one time when they decided to start a roofing company. Like most small businesses it struggled in the initial years however with persistence and hard-work the company grew exponentially over the decades. Despite being a profitable roofing company, dad always invested the excess revenues into value-add real estate which he renovated, stabilized, and held for cash-flow. After school and during the summers I’d travel with him to estimate jobs or to look at potential real estate purchases. All I wanted to do however, was play soccer, basketball, and hang out with my friends. I told myself that I never wanted to work in roofing or real estate when I grew up.

Fast forward to my mid-twenties, when I became a licensed real estate broker which led me start a career in residential mortgage lending. It was enjoyable although not as rewarding as anticipated, then I received an opportunity to work for a developer working on large institutional style apartments, condominium projects, mobile home parks, and self-storage. When the Great Recession hit, the company lost everything since it was holding too many land developments not generating income.

It was out of the Great Recession when PCG Commercial was co-founded as a commercial brokerage to sell distressed properties for banks, lending institutions, asset managers, and hedge funds. The brokerage sold over $70 Million in assets within a distressed market. As the economy transitioned out of the recession so did PCG by selling properties for private owners, family trusts, and heirs. It is in this market where I learned my purpose which is to serve the private “mom and pop” market space. My immigrant parents are a privately held small business that has achieved amazing things although they still function as a “mom and pops” operation. I assist each client as if they were my parents which has led to a very fruitful real estate business.

In 2016, I followed the mentorship of my parents by purchasing my first investment property of 26 apartment units in Jackson, TN. It was a high risk condemned building with significant upside. It took a couple years to completely renovate and stabilize, turning a once eye sore into an asset that provides high quality housing to the neighborhood. Additionally, next door I’ve renovated a Quadplex comprised of all Townhomes with private patios, plus am currently renovating 15 more efficiency studios. I rarely resell properties and hold them long-term.

I love the TN / Southeast region and am actively purchasing!

Building Community

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Our objective is to improve the lives of our residents and the neighborhood through our extraordinary renovations. By renovating our apartment communities it shows that we believe in the potential and future of that neighborhood. This philosophy will also motivate other owners and attract investment capital to that area.  


True to our mission statement our goal is to rejuvenate neighborhoods by improving the lives of the people that live in them. We accomplish this when we contract our renovations and purchase our materials through local vendors. This injection of money into the local economy revitalizes communities which creates more opportunities for growth. 

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